6 Essential Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

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We are well into what I have dubbed “Lawn Care Season,” and if there is one thing that is a guarantee in the life of any homeowner, it’s the need to mow your lawn. While mowing can be a bit of a pain in the you know what, one way to make it a little easier on yourself is to be sure that you keep that lawnmower in tiptop condition. The better it runs, the easier it is to mow, so here are a handful of regular maintenance tips to help keep your mower in tip-top shape!

  • Fresh Gasoline – If you are mowing once a week, it might not be a big deal, but if you have longer waits in between, like during a dry summer or after the winter months, it’s always good to make sure the gas is fresh!
  • Oil Up – It’s a good practice to change the oil every 25-30 hours or at least once a season. I generally like to do so before the first mow of the year.
  • Spark Plug – It’s recommended that a spark plug be replaced every year, though spark plugs last much longer than manufacturers claim. So long as it is running, things should be okay, but you might want to have a spare spark plug in case yours poops the bed mid-mow.
  • Air Filter – You should check the air filter periodically to see if it is accumulating dirt and debris. If it is pretty filthy, you should change it right away (unless you have the type of filter that can be cleaned). I generally find that replacing the filter when I change my oil works best!
  • Blade – depending on the size of your lawn, sharpening and balancing your blade should be done at least once a season. This is something that can be done at home, so long as you have the right tools, but you can also bring it to a lawnmower dealer to have them sharpen it for a small fee.
  • Keep Her Clean! – Your mower clearly gets covered in all sort of grass and dirt, so it’s best to keep all parts nice and clean, including any buildup underneath the blade. Just be sure to remove the spark plug so you don’t lose a finger!

Now your lawn mower should be ready to rock and roll and make your mows a little easier this summer! And if you feel the need to test it out first, why not swing by your local insurance agency and give it a whirl?!


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