4 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Room.

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alexis Muhlenkamp

Everyone has that one room that isn’t really meant to be a closet, but it’s just so small it seems to look like one. You can’t help it! It’s hard to organize small rooms! Well clean that room out! We have ways to make it feel spacious and maximize your living space!

Use Those Windows!good bedroom

One of the best ways to make a room seem more spacious is to hang new curtains over the windows! give the room an light breezy feel by picking sheer curtains and hang them high and wide around the windows. If you must let the room get dark you can use a double rod to hang opaque drapes over the sheers!

Shhhh! Secret Storage!

Another great way to maximize storage is to get multi-purpose furniture. For example, many beds have secret drawers underneath them. this is a fantastic way of organizing and storing all of that clutter that you don’t really know what to do with! You can also find benches or foot rests that open up from the top that are very useful as well.

Pretty Paint.

You can paint the walls in softer, lighter colors to make the room seem larger. Light colors trick the eye very easily and just open up spaces. Also, using mirrors around the room can have a similar effect and make it just seem like it has more space.

vertical shelvesUse Vertical Storage.

One way to distract a person from a small square-footage is to draw their eye up. you can do this very easily by placing hanging shelve above each other. Use the most vertical shelving as possible, because that is a lot more stuff on a lot less space!

For more helpful tips and tricks check out this awesome website; 



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