4 Products With Prices you didn’t know you Could Negotiate

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Annie Mir

negotiate productsAccording to a 2013 Consumer Reports study, “only 48% of people even attempt to bargain for a better deal on the products and services they buy every day—even though a whopping 89% of those who said they did haggle were able to nab a discount at least once.”




1. Appliances & Electronics 
Kyle James, owner and founder of coupon and bargain-hunting site Rather-Be-Shopping.com suggests asking about floor models, returns and overstocks when it comes to appliances and electronics. “These items will typically be marked with a special tag. Start the negotiating at 20% off the asking price and be prepared to meet in the middle,” James says. He claims that the managers want these items sold as quickly as possible so they aren’t taking up space. It’s worth a shot!

2. Interest Rates 
Priyanka Prakash, a finance specialist that helps business owners find financing, says that having a high credit score and a positive payment history only works in your favor when it comes to negotiating interest rates. “Credit card rates are relatively easy to negotiate compared to rates on other [types of] debt, [such as student loan debt]” Prakash says.

Showing that you’ve been shopping around also helps prove how serious you are about finding a lower interest rate. Examples include calling your credit card issuer and mention that you are thinking of taking advantage of a lower rate, or if you have a quote from a lender for a personal loan that you’re hoping another bank matches.

If that doesn’t work, then try your hand at getting loan fees reduced. You may be able to reduce fees such as application fees, and closing costs, etc.

3. Groceries
The deli and meat counters are great places to negotiate prices. Kyle James, of rather-be-shopping, mentions that the meat less than a pound in size may be too small to slice and sell, so the store may be willing to sell them for much less. Meat that is nearing it’s sale date will also cost the grocery store once it expires, so that may provide you an opportunity to negotiate price as well.

4. Moving Services 
Although the price of moving services tend to be high, moving service carriers won’t want to lose a sale over 5%.




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