15 Emotional Stages of Working Out

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Annie Mir

Going to the gym. We love it and we hate it. Come with us as we
take a walk through the 15 emotional stages that come along with
the daily sweat sesh!


Hearing Your alarm. Rise and Shine Sunshine


How bad do I ACTUALLY need to do this right now?


Nothing a little music cant fix.. get pumped!


Confidence is high as you start your workout…
okay goals, I can do this


Five minutes in.. Wow, I rock!! Bikini body here I come


Your song comes on and you are feeling pretty athletic!
HYPE mode


Okay my body is capable. Lets go up a few on the weights today


okay wait…


Then it hits you… you may have reached your maximum for the day


your body may actually be failing on you


but, passing people on the way out of the gym like..


you walk outside feeling refreshed and accomplished so early


You get home to fuel up on your protein shake …eggs and leafy greens.
“I am such a healthy being. I literally feel my body cleansing itself”


a few hours later… okay is it time for carbs yet?


Can’t wait to go back tomorrow. Because tomorrow.. its on.

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