New Homebuyers Grant Available!

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Dynamic Federal Credit Union is currently offering the $5,000 Welcome Home Grant. This $5,000 grant through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati is an income based grant that is available to homebuyers to assist with their down payment and/or closing costs.  Please give Jayme or Annette a call at 419-586-5522 for additional information.

Dynamic Federal Credit Union offers their borrowers GAP Insurance through Frost Financial.
What is GAP coverage and why is it so important?  GAP coverage is an optional insurance coverage.
It is insurance that pays the “GAP” in the amount of money that the insurance company is offering
on a total loss vehicle and the balance due on the vehicle loan. If a borrower’s loan amount is close
to the value of the vehicle, we highly recommend the coverage. Borrower’s need to research the coverage
prior to purchasing, as dealerships, financial institutions, and insurance companies offer different prices for the same coverage.

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