With Preferred Insurance Center, you’re going to get a true risk management approach

As a business owner, truly understanding and knowing what risk your business has is an important step in protecting it before something bad happens.

Our team takes a true risk management approach. We’re going to ask the right questions, get to know your business, and understand how you can best mitigate risk. No business is the same and no risk management plan will be the same.

Risk Management is the practice of identifying, avoiding, transferring, and retaining risk, Insurance is just one piece of the puzzle.

We all know that insurance provides money when bad or unexpected things happen. The goal of risk management is to take a look at what could go wrong and figure out a way to keep your business open if a crisis were to occur.

Risk management is critical for any business who wants to stay open after a large loss

Especially if you’re looking to scale up and grow, the earlier you put a plan together the better. And, if your business has the potential for employees to get hurt or people’s lives to be impacted, that’s when risk management really comes into play.

You’re busy running your operation. We know it’s hard to take time to understand insurance and risk management, especially when the two are combined. That’s why we’re here.

We’re here to help you. We’re your advocate and we will do the research to find the best solution for you. We’re part of your team—without being on your payroll!

You know, 50 percent of businesses that close their doors for two weeks or more because of disaster, end up closing permanently in the following two years. That’s right, half of all businesses who go through a calamity end up closing shop for good.

There are so many situations that could cause a temporary closure of your business. Not only do you have the business to think of, but you also have employees and clients as well. If you are shut down rebuilding for six months, you’re unlikely to have clients when you come back. And, if you can’t pay people for six months, you’re unlikely to have employees when you reopen. They will find other jobs. After all, they have to pay their bills somehow.

Here’s a real-world example from our community. A local company was shut down and employees were unable to work while the facility was being rebuilt. Because they took the time to look at their risk management, they were able to purchase insurance to cover for that specific circumstance.

That meant during the shutdown, the company was able to pay every employee’s wage, even though they weren’t working. This allowed the employees to keep their income and wait for the facility to reopen. All employees were able to be retained because of disaster preparedness that occurred before anything happened.

That’s what our team aims to do. We work hard to catch when such items are missed in a policy to help you make sure you have all your bases covered if such a thing were ever to happen to your business.

We can provide:
  • Safety management, including basic safety and OSHA safety inspections
  • Custom designed safety training and programs for your team
  • Our expertise in Workers compensation insurance and premiums

By taking some time to talk to our team, you’ll be saving yourself time in the long run

You’re busy. And we get that. You might hear us ask for your time to look at coverages and think there isn’t enough time to do that. But, we promise, we will end up saving you time.

If you have to look at policies, differentiate coverages, and determine need yourself, that is a lot of time. But, when you find a partner who you can trust, you can ensure that you will be taken care of.

We want to be on your staff, but not on your payroll. You can consider us your advisor. We will do all the checking, looking, and investigating, and come to you with the finished work and lay all the options out in front of you. Then, you can choose in just a few minutes the right fit for your company.

All of these reasons are why we came up with our quick exam. We can let you know very quickly if the coverage you have is adequate or not, and whether or not you can withstand something as devastating as a disaster.

Take just 30 minutes with us to talk about your business and we’ll take that information and spend about three to five hours running specific test scenarios to determine how your business would fare. Then, we let you know how your current risk management plan did. That’s all the time it takes. You will either know things worked out as you intended or we find something you didn’t expect and now you know about it.

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Andy Kremer
Commercial Risk Specialist