For our commercial clients, we help you find the insurance that will give you the best solution

Because our team is passionate about about making a real difference in our client’s lives, Preferred Insurance Center focuses first and foremost on understanding your commercial business.

We want to get to know you and your business so we can set up the right policies for you. Then, when is comes time to renew those policies and coverages, we have a better understanding of your business and can help expand insurance as you need it. With a lot of other insurance agents, the small policies simply just renew as they were originally written.

Nothing we send over is done without thinking about it, especially thinking about your best solution and outcome. Even a simple outline of policies and coverages is not done without thought involved. Our team will also take the time to make sure you understand your policies and what the coverages mean.

Not only that, but we want to help your business grow.

We’ve developed specific processes to help you as your business grows and thrives

One of our biggest processes are our renewal meetings. We’ve developed these over the last five years as a tool to help businesses grow and ensure nothing is missed as they do. We see your business, touch it, feel it, dig into, and pay attention to clients.

For businesses of any size, Preferred Insurance Center is here for you

Our commercial agents are well aware of the challenges you face. Bigger businesses have more people to fall back on when something happens. At some point, an employee will probably face an medical issue and it’s possible even a disability or death.

Small businesses don’t have a lot of people to cover for individuals when they are out. They are at risk of continuation of business during such times. When you face such a situation, you want to make sure you have the ability to sustain yourself.

These are the types of scenarios we run and help you prepare for. We want to make sure your business will be able to continue in the case of the loss of an employee or even in the case of your own passing. For example, if you have a serious loss and need to close the business for awhile, you want to make sure you have enough funds to retain your employees.

Because of our membership with Keystone, we can help you find help outside of the insurance industry– for example an HR Attorney or HR specialist. We also have a business we have grown (doubled last five years), so we are interested in helping you grow your business.

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