Safe Driving Rewards Program

Auto     by Dan Muhlenkamp

What is this Safe Driving Rewards Program?

Well, actually we are glad you asked. Let’s talk a little bit about our Safe Driving Rewards Program and how it works.

Our Safe Driving Rewards Program measures driving behavior and rewards the user with savings on their insurance premiums. Simply for driving safely.

What information does the app gather?

This may be the biggest misconception about these driving applications. So let’s debunk this myth! The only information this app will gather is how fast you drive (10 or more over the speed limit is considered a flag). What time of day you drive (driving between 1 AM- 4 AM is considered to have a higher accident rate). As well as things such as hard braking, fast acceleration, and using your phone (in your hand, not hands-free) while driving.

How big of a discount can we expect to receive?

First, I think it is important to say that not every quote will be the same. Just for agreeing to share your information with us you can save 5%-10%. Then based on your driving habits you can earn up to 30%, sometimes even more. This average driver, in the long run, will receive about 15%-18% off their premiums. Now that being said, it is important to understand the program savings can take up to a year to peak.

So, I’m guessing you might have a few questions, here are a few we get a lot!

What if I’m not a good driver?

How do you know if you are a good driver or not? This program allows you to check your driving scores. We recommend you check them every week and if they are not as good as you would like, give us a call. You can usually opt out of the program within the first 45 days.

If you do not opt out of the program and your driving scores are too low, your rates may increase. Again, this can be avoided by monitoring your scores and giving us a call around 30 days.

Will running the app kill the battery on my phone?

Typically, the percentage of battery usage is unnoticeable. If you typically drive several hours a day, that may not be the case since the app uses more energy while you are driving.

Does the app use a lot of data?

No. Most of the time it waits until you have wifi to share data with the company. In some circumstances, it does use mobile data, but usually, this consists of less than 1% of the average person’s data usage each month.

Our company wants me to plug something into my car? What is that?

It is a very small box, about half the size of a deck of cars. You simply just plug it into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and forget about it. We have videos about how to do so, but it is extremely easy.

This sounds like the “Big Brother” spying on me. Should I be ok with that?

Let’s take another look at the information the app shares with the company. It doesn’t share the locations, or what you are doing, or have a tiny microphone etc. Secondly, have you ever read the “Privacy Statement” before you downloaded other apps to your phone. If you did, you probably wouldn’t worry about this information. Lastly, the computer in your car is recording this information all the time.

You might as well get paid (receive a discount) for it!

What kind of experience have your clients had?

We’re glad you asked! The whole reason behind us wanting to implement this new Safer Driver Reward program is because of one of our team members client experience. One of our own here at Preferred- Kelly Heitkamp has three teen drivers in the house. She saved almost $700 per year on her insurance premium!

Most people like saving money, so those that have good driving habits are thrilled. Some people felt they and their children actually formed better habits because they knew they could get a discount. This is a truly awesome benefit, that can’t really be measured in just $$$. There is no way of knowing if those better habits may have actually saved a life!

“Yes, this has been a great experience for me and it has saved me a lot of money, so if you want to know more about it, give us a call” – Kelly Heitkamp

So how do I get started?

All you have to do is give us all call so we can do some research and make sure that the program is a match for you and that this is the best time to get started. Our job is to match you with the insurance company that fits you best. They will then send you an email or text to finish the sign-up process and walk you through the steps to download the app or get the device plugged in. Finally, you get to see how your diving is and earn an awesome discount!


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